The benefits of yoga are many! Researchers found that yoga outperformed aerobic exercise at improving balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels, menopausal symptoms, daily energy level, and social and occupation functioning, among other health parameters.

Whether you are long time yogi or new to the practice, there are some fun new ways to experience yoga, that might boost the benefits.

Goat yoga. There are many positives to having contact with animals. The act of petting or being near goats will produce an automatic relaxation response. There are many mental benefits of practicing yoga with goats nearby, as the animals will lift your spirit, lessen any feelings of sadness or grief, and enhance communication. Not a goat person?  Try cat yoga, bunny yoga or even horse yoga for the same benefits.

Beer yoga. I can’t think of a “hoppier” combination than yoga and beer.  The only thing better than an icy cold beer is achieving the unification of breath and body through the practice of yoga while enjoying your brew. Originating in Berlin, Germany, beer yoga is an international phenomenon combining the philosophies of yoga with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.  Remember, enjoy beer yoga in moderation, as with all things.

Glow in the dark yoga. Practiced under neon and black lights, Glow-yoga puts a new spin on finding balance. Practicing in near darkness makes you more cognizant of your surroundings—your brain relies on heightened awareness from senses other than sight to stay balanced.

For more information about these types of yoga classes, Google the yoga style you prefer along with the phrase near me. For example, for beer yoga, type “beer yoga classes near me.”

Happy down dogging!